Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For my readers only!!!

I amManuel Zuniga the one who is writing this blog, for how much of you guys who read my blog. I you all enjoy reading my story in my blog.I would like to say congratulations to all of you guys who read my story in the blog, and i hope that you will all enjoy reading it. All what i type is true ,for example the one with( my community) and( about my future) and about (my people ). All of this is based on a true story.
If you all have a question about any thing what you want to understand in the blog please E-mail me at (zunigabrightlife@yahoo.com ) or if you want to know much more about my community just email me and i will be willing to help you okay.
Tank you all hope to
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May you all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Story about the Maya people!!!

My name is Manuel Zuniga. I really love to write what I have learned during my life.

Well, my original language is kekchi. My father is a Maya people. My mother is a Mayan woman. The Mayan people to me they are totally different from the other ethnics The Mayan people do they there living kindly different too. What I have seen with the Mayan people is that they produce there own food and they work hard also. Long, long ago in the 1754/ 1634 the Mayan are the one to live in the first world than all of us. The Mayan is all over the world. No body can stop where they want to go the world is well opened for them during that year. They can live in which part of the world they want. On that time there is no Government or there is no body that who can Rules or there is no law, every thing is just free for them.

When we were are at home some time s we don’t have any thing to do my Grand father some times may be he think that he want to tell us what he had seen in his life when he was young in his life Then he tell the story about his life But that is a true story. The story that he taught us is this one.

He said that in his timing there is no body is reach with money. No body can say if they had a land

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

About my people!!

My name is Manuel Zuniga I am a student of Tumul Kin Center of Learning. To me Tumul Kin is the best School. We learn many different kinds of things in Tumul Kin. Tumul Kin is not only teaching a bout only getting an education only with book but also learning about learning in practically. I mean when we go out for practical we do a hard job. The girls in Tumul Kin even had to hold a machete they want or not. That’s is one way of learning some thing in Tumul Kin. For example the Agriculture subject you have to learn in doing it practically and then you will be able to it like that. To me that’s is the best way to learn something. For example if you are be teach how to drove a vehicle , and your teacher just showed you or teach you with papers, with out teaching you practically. How can you be able to learn some thing faster like that . And, now you remember that you are taught how to drive a vehicle and now you wanted to do a business of your own . Now you buy a vehicle of yours , you had no problem of thinking how to drive your truck But when you enter in the front and sit down in your vehicle when you see you are having problem with driving your own vehicle. But it is not your fault it is the teacher s fault. This is one way of learning something specific. This is what happening in other High School . The teacher is only teaching the student with book only. Tumul Kin is trying not to do that. Tumul Kin is a hundred percent that totally uniqe.

Monday, January 15, 2007

About my future!!

My name is Manuel Zuniga i am still a young boy, I am just seventeen years old.I has four young brothers and two young sisters.I am so happy to see that my father had two daugthers in our family. My father is a farme, he loves to do farming in his life. My father always plant corn every year. We as Mayan people we dont eat all kinds of food. So that's why my father just have to plant corn every year. We as Mayan people we know when is the date,Month, weather. My father start to chop on the 1st of March.When my father started to chop he is going to find at least seven men to help him. The reason why he go and find some helpers because he want to have a huge field. When we finish the chopping, now my father is going to set up a date when to do the planting. When the Mayan people do some kinds of hard work, thay help each other. When my father plant the corn seed he will find at least twenty one men to help him to plant his corn. When they finish the planting, all men are invited to go and eat for lunch in my father house. The type of food that are going to aet is the corn Tortilla with the hot Caldo at home.
We took at least one Month and a half to chop. After when we had finish the chop, then my